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we are professionals
python/tests /migrations/data science
Our Work

Fully Tested

Your plan - Our delivery

Coded Well


Our experience is based on many hours spent on programming, coding and hacking

We are using popular tools/libraries, not popular ones, and our own - created by us, for our needs and for satisfaction of our Partners.

Django and Flask

We have deadlines, we are professionals. But before that - we are hackers.

Google and Awesome Fonts

We like fast and responsive pages - we choose nice fonts in responsive web design

jQuery and CSS3

We love simple and clean solutions - we are hackers, remember?

Simple and Fast over Complicated and Slow

We deliver ASAP or even faster

Our Points of Interest


We code our applications carefully and with caution. We make use of Test Driven Approach, but we are not slaves to current hype. We just do it the right way.


We are fast and reliable information transmitters. We put a lot of effort to understand Your needs better, and to communicate our sugestions in a way than anyone can understand and appreciate.


We don't abandon our code. We don't abandon ANY code. If things needs to be fixed, they should be fixed. There is no fun in buggy application: You are angry, we are frustrated - let us maintenance code.


Come on, it is 21th century. We don't need to make face to face meetings. Long journeys doesn't make better software. Better coders and architects and business guidance do! So we don't want to waste Your precious time. Instead make us some User Stories.

Bigger Picture

We can design. We can stop, think, take step back to see the Bigger Picture. We are not afraid of mistakes, and You shouldn't be worried about them too. We are skilled to find and remove mistakes at the earliest steps of design and code.
Krzysztof Jaworowski
Senior Python Specialist. Software Architect.

Are we really doing what client wants? Creating software coupled with business needs is what I really like. No User Stories should pass without really good talk'n'think session. I like to convert client ideas into technical solutions.

Patrycja Brzozowska
Mid Python Specialist

You can't go wrong if you have strong and wide focus. I am skilled in describing and understanding a bigger picture part of any project. I can find and point out it's weaknesses and flaws long before they can occur. I love clean and readable code and I am still educating myself in this field.

Piotr Kozioł
Senior Python Specialist

If code needs a comments, then it is a bad code. I am strongly focused on clean, readable and meaningful source code. I like to understand instantly what code does and how it does it without reading too much documentation. Because of that I am dedicated to refactoring and test driven development. I am also a runner and a father :).

Piotr Stankiewicz
Senior Python Specialist. Team Leader.

If it has buttons and processor - you can program it. With this motto in mind I am interested in programming everything - microcontrollers, old 8-bit computers, phones, smartphones, washing machines etc :). I am also curious and still selfimproving programmer. I like clean code, tests and refactoring. I'm trying to find my own rules to create perfect code. I am a runner, a father and a fastest Rubik's Cube solver in whole PyTeam.

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